Anthony Davis Beats Micheal Jordan’s record


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Friday night ,Anthony Davis was on the losing side again as Western conference champions The Golden State Warriors soared to a 122-114 victory over the Pelicans.

Something stood out that night,it was another stellar performance from the 1st overall pick in the 2012 draft in Anthony Davis, a 45 point game which puts Davis up to 95 points through the first two fakes if the year-and not a single basketball player in the pat 50years can touch that mark. Not LeBron James , not Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and not even MICHEAL JORDAN 

Davis’s 95 points in the first two games surpasses JORDAN’s record of 91 in modern day basketball history. Jordan set that mark during the 1986-87 season, his third year in the NBA. Wilt Chamberlain hold the all time record for best start to a NBA season, scoring 105 points in his first two games in 1961-62.

Am not Davis’s biggest fan but watching the lad , one can’t help but admit how truly gifted he his,as a fan you would hate him having an Anthony Davis esque night against your team. He is the shining light in a relatively thin Pelicans roster,he still has a long way to go to be an NBA great but one thing can be said, he is on the right path, beating and creating records like this is one definite way of craving your name on to the history books.

Here’s a link to see Anthony Davis 95 points over two games davis 95 points&sm=3

The EPL Weekend Review 


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Another weekend of EPL action has passed and once again viewers were interested in seeing if Guardiola’s poor form would continue , if Mourinho and United would win on their midweek win, if Liverpool can continue their good form, if Chelsea performance against United was just a flash…

All these questions and many more were answered during the weekend, it all started at the stadium of light.


Gotta feel sorry for David Moyes, even though Sunderland board had thrown their weight behind him things aren’t just working out for him over there and this game didn’t help matters as Sunderland have started the season very poorly languishing at the bottom.


For Wenger, a good reply following last week drab draw against Middlesbrough, Arsenal needed to win and also keep pace at the top of the EPL 

Sunderland though,a lot seems to be going  wrong for them and David Moyes, honestly I want Moyes to succeed 

Here are some of the match stats 

Sunderland           1-4               Arsenal

Defoe ’65(p)                         A.Sanchez ’19,’78

                                              O.Giroud.  ’71 ’76

40%            Possession           60%

1                Shots on target        7


Manchester United has come in for a lot of stick all season but honestly I can’t fault the players here , United put in a performance and Burnley and Tom Heaton (MOTM) stood their ground,it was another great defensive display from season dyche’s men.

As you all already know, this game was a goalless draw with most of the excitement coming in from Mourinho’s sending off to the stands,to watching his assistant climb the stair way for tactical instructions. Ander Herrera’s red card did slow down the game for United but United’s display was highlighted by some poor finishing from Zlatan Ibrahimovic who has now gone on his worst goal drought since December 2007.


This was a good game for United maybe not for Mourinho, but the effort was definitely there. For United’s title ambitions they are slowly driving away from the top

Burnley have Tom Heaton to thank , this is their first point in as many as four away games with 4 shots in all those games.

Manchester United       0-0            Burnley 

37.                               Shots.            7

11                              on target          1

63%                         Possession        37%

1                             Red Card             0

West brom vs Manchester city 

Going into the game a big question was raised and that’s if Pep Gaurdiola and his boys have lost their mojo that dazzled the EPL for the opening weeks because they have gone six games without getting a win. No disrespect to Tony Pulis and his boys, no one really cared if they could pull a result even if they did , the papers would be referring to it as a capitulation of Manchester city.

The match went as some of us would expect, Manchester city went on to win 4-0 with Aguero and Gundogan both having braces, nothing more really happened in the game.

PS: who else is noticing what a steal Gundogan is!

Here are some of the match stats

West brom      0-4           Manchester city 

36%               possession    64%

9                    shots                 21

1               shots on target     8

Tottenham vs Leicester city

The match went as expected as it ended with in a    1-1 stalemate with Jansen scoring a penalty again!and Nigerian striker Ahmed Musa scoring the equaliser for the foxes.

One again Claudio Ranieri has never lost to Tottenham in 11 meetings and Tottenham has gone 10 games without being beaten, not a single loss in the league this season

Here are some of the match stats

Tottenham          vs                 Leicester city

1                        goals                       1

22                     shots                         6

5                     shots on target         1

62%              possession                  38%

Crystal Palace vs Liverpool 

This by far happened to be the most entertaining match judging by at least the first half where the scoreline was 3-2 in favor of Liverpool. The game ended 4-2 in favor of Liverpool with the same question arising for Liverpool , how long till their defence haunts them because you can’t always outscore the opponent.


Jurgen klopp seems to have revitalised Liverpool and am starting to rate them as title contenders and Liverpool seems to have a player in Joel Matip 

Here are some of the match stats

Crystal palace            vs              Liverpool 

2                            goals                   4

7                    shots on target           14

6                         shots                      10

47%                 possession              53%

Southampton vs Chelsea 

Conte’s 3-5-2 formation is coming to shape ,at least that’s what we all thought after the thrashing of Manchester United but midweek results gave us a reevaluation. Southampton are playing well under Claude Puel and seem to have bought well this season, how do Southampton do this every season? They always find a way of restructuring and replacing each season.

The game went as expected for some though Chelsea’s early goal was kinda like a surprise, Hazard came through with a beautiful finish,he is having a good season already and Costa rounded the game off with the game’s second and his 8th goal so far .

Verdict :

Chelsea seems to be getting their solidity back and with Hazard on form and Costa’s continuing hot streak , they might just well be finishing in the top 4.

Claude puel and Southampton Gabe nothing really to worry about ,it’s a long season and it’s obvious so far that they would do well

Here are some of the match stats

Southampton               vs                 Chelsea 

0                               Goals                   2

9                              shots                     13

1                     shots on target              7

53%                 possession                    47%

Other weekend games are:

 Watford 1-0 Hull city 

 Middlesbrough 2-0 Bournemouth 

 Everton 2-0 West ham

Roger Federer justifies his sneak attack


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Roger federer justifies his sneak attack and says its not disrespectful after Novak’s coach Boris Becker claimed it was  


“No, it’s not disrespectful. Pretty simple.”

Roger Federer, responding to the charge, made by Boris Becker on Sky television, that Federer’s SABR (Sneak Attack by Roger) service-return tactic is “almost disrespectful.”

NEW YORK — Boris Becker is the coach of Novak Djokovic, whom Federer will meet on Sunday in the US Open final. In case you think Becker was going rogue again when he criticized Federer, be advised that shortly after Djokovic won his own semifinal Friday, Becker broke his self-imposed silence on SABR with these terse words.

“[Federer] tried that [tactic] in Cincinnati. It worked a couple of times. It’s an exciting shot for him. For the player opposite side of the net, not so much. So I have nothing else to say about that,” Becker said.

It’s a measure of how much the game has changed in recent years that what was once a benign and widely practiced tactic generally known as “chip and charge” is seen by some — including, perhaps, the No. 1 player in the world — as a crass stunt. An insult. Perhaps even an attempt to intimidate.

Now there’s a new one: Roger Federer, the Intimidator.

Apparently, even John McEnroe got into the act, suggesting he might have felt insulted had Federer rushed up as McEnroe hit a second serve to block the ball back at the service line and camp at the net (which is the essence of the SABR tactic).

Good grief. Maybe the fellas who don’t want Federer to do that can sign a petition to get him to stop. Then they can sign another one prohibiting Ivo Karlovic from serving so hard, or Rafael Nadal from using so much topspin.

The negative reaction is puzzling to Federer, who feels he was on the receiving end of analogous tactics early in his career. He said attacking players such as Max Mirnyi and Tim Henman stood there, fingers aloft to signal Federer to wait before he served because they were moving into position to receive. And then there were the Spanish players. “They stood outside the doubles alley, waiting to hit a forehand on clay because my second serve wasn’t as good yet. So I faced all of that stuff as well,” Federer said.

In fact, Federer said he lines up in the normal position to await serve and doesn’t even move until his opponent begins the toss. Where’s the intimidation?

However you look at it, this SABR thing has really taken off. It’s remarkable, given how sparingly Federer has used it. He did it a few times early in his three-set win over Wawrinka, starting with the first point of the third game. Federer smacked the return out, but his bold charge was so impressive it seemed the entire stadium went “wow.”

The thing about the SABR tactic is it’s both a symbol and a message; Federer is lucky if it wins him the point half the times he tries it. Then again, when it does work, it can rattle an opponent.

“I haven’t heard much feedback about it from the players, to be honest,” Federer said of SABR — and its critics. “I hear it more through the press. I hear some and read some. For me, if it makes sense to use it in the final, I will. I used it to great effect against [Djokovic] in a tough situation, at 4-1 in the tiebreaker in Cincinnati.”

At that point, Federer bolted forward and took a Djokovic second serve with something like a forehand volley right down the line for a clean winner.

Apparently, Djokovic still hasn’t forgiven him. Neither has Becker.

US open final : The stage is set


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The US open final is set and as many people envisaged its world no.1 and no.2 in the final, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer respectively.

NEW YORK — Unlike the women’s tournament, which earlier Friday saw the shocking departure of its two top seeds in the semifinals, the tasty US Open men’s final is the one (and two) many hoped for.

No. 1 seed Novak Djokovic sailed into Sunday’s final with a comprehensive 6-0, 6-1, 6-2 beatdown of defending champion Marin Cilic

Later Friday, No. 2 Roger Federer annihilated Swiss Davis Cup partner Stan Wawrinka 6-4, 6-3, 6-1.


“He’s had a tremendous year,” Federer said afterward of Djokovic. “There’s a lot on the line when we play each other. He’s tough to beat. I like that challenge, and I’ll be ready for it.”

Federer, a five-time US Open champion (2004-08), will get another opportunity for a sixth after reaching his first final here in six years. At 34, Federer hasn’t won a Grand Slam singles title in more than three years, at Wimbledon in 2012.

He would desperately like to add to his all-time total of 17 Grand Slam singles titles. It’s worth noting that Djokovic has lost four of the five US Open finals in which he’s played.

Federer leads the head-to-head with Djokovic 21-20 and won their most recent encounter three weeks ago in Cincinnati in straight sets.

But the slower courts here at the Billie Jean King National Tennis are more friendly to Djokovic’s game. That advantage could be mitigated by the partial roof on Arthur Ashe Stadium, which drastically cuts down the swirling winds that Federer finds so annoying.

Against Wawrinka, Federer was close to flawless. The match was over in 92 minutes, with Federer avenging a straight-sets loss to the No. 5 seed in the French Open quarterfinals. His serve was unbroken.

Federer has won each of the 18 sets he’s played here. How would he describe his form?

“It’s definitely very good, maybe my best,” Federer said. “I’m serving very well. I’m playing positive tennis. I’d love it to work just one more time this year.”

Federer leads the head-to-head with Wawrinka 17-3, including 12-0 on hard courts.

Meanwhile, Djokovic beat Cilic in 85 minutes, an outcome clearly accelerated by an ankle injury that Cilic carried into the match.

In terms of games, it was the most one-sided US Open men’s semifinal in the Open era. Only Bjorn Borg’s 6-1, 6-0, 6-1 victory over Corrado Barazzutti in the 1978 French Open featured fewer dropped games for the winner in an Open era Grand Slam.

“It’s not easy knowing your opponent is not 100 percent,” Djokovic said in his on-court interview. “Obviously, I executed the game plan.”

Djokovic has won each of his 14 career matches against Cilic, taking 34 of 39 sets.

Cilic, 26, saw his 12-match winning streak here at the US Open come to an abrupt end.

He had spent more time on court than any of the semifinalists coming into the match. He looked weary and later admitted his movement was compromised.

While Serena Williams has been generating most of the headlines this season, Djokovic, 28, is very quietly compiling a sensational season. He’s 62-5 for the year and could equal Williams’ three major titles this year with a victory here on Sunday


Djokovic hurried through the first set so quickly, he might have been mistaken for a New Yorker. The 6-0 frame ran all of 24 minutes, and it was only the second time this year Cilic has been bageled. The first? Earlier this year in Monte Carlo, also to Djokovic.

Djokovic won 83 of 122 points overall and broke Cilic’s serve eight times.

Djokovic, the best men’s player on hard courts for the past five years, reached his 16th final in the past 21 majors, going back to the 2010 US Open.

And, for the first time in his career, he’s reached all four major finals in a year.

“Of course it’s a great achievement, and I’m very proud of it,” Djokovic said. “These are the tournaments where you want to perform your best.”